Sunday, November 2, 2014

Limbo-ing with the Modron

After the summer long hiatus, Plane-atary Express is back! This break was both in game and out of game, so the characters were still gaining experience and wealth but we weren't "paying attention" to them. Now we're back and everyone has new (useful) trinkets and magic items! The reasons for both are up to the players to decide and tell the rest of the party over the course of adventure.

The session started off with all the players choosing their items, remembering the 2nd edition rules, and getting into character.

The party, along with their two subordinate teams, were meeting in the Plane-atary Express offices when a loud knocking on the door was heard. On the other side was the unlikely pair of a githzerai monk and an absolutely crazy looking homeless man. Turns out that the homeless man was Factol Karan, "leader" of the Xaiosect. Karan takes great pains to tell the party that he brought the monk, Haeronimil, as a favor to to the plane of Limbo. At this point Haeronimil interrupted and said that he was interested in hiring the party, and all their teams, to help the modron cross Limbo successfully. After some long negotiations, the party said "yes" and off they went.

The journey started at the boarder between Ysgard and Limbo, on one of the branches of Yggdrasil the World Ash. There, the modron had assembled while the githzerai attempted to break them apart into different groups.

The party found their group of modrons, and after convincing an octon that it was most logical to let the party lead them through the roiling chaos, they set off on their long journey.

Stepping into Limbo, Nearin took the lead on manifesting the terrain for everyone to travel on. After a few hours, the party was attacked by red slaad which swooped in over the pack of modrons. The red slaads were a pain in the ass for the players. They stun, gate in more slaad, and sometimes deposit eggs when they hit something. The combat took a long time, but through clever use of shaping the chaos of Limbo and some help from a pentadrone the party was able to route the slaad and keep safe. Bobby has eggs deposited in her now though.

After passing through a giant whirlpool of chaos, the party was then attacked again by slaad. This time blue ones. The combat was a lot faster than the first, with the players having learned a lot of tricks from the combat. And this time there were no eggs deposited!

This was most of the Law in Chaos from the Great Modron March.