Sunday, April 6, 2014

Introduction to Plane-atary Express

Plane-atary Express is the name of my current Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition campaign. It is taking place in the Planescape setting. The players are employees of a inter-planar delivery or courier service. While this group has been playing together since fall 2012, this campaign has been running since about September of 2013.

Let's meet Plane-atary express!

Nearin Milford Tiefling, CN, Illusionist, Society of Sensation.
Xanros Primus Tiefling, LE, Cleric (Tiamat/Himself), Sign of One.
Bobby McAction Pants Half-Elf, NG, Ranger, Transcendent Order.
Kale Stoutleaf Baurier, CG, Ranger, Athar.
Norbys Greystone Gnome, TN, Cleric (Nerrul), Bleak Cabal.

The boss and owner of Plane-atary Express is named Balial. He gets deliveries and other jobs for his employees.

We are playing with using a house-ruled version of 2nd edition. The major aspects
  • stats were rolled 4d6 drop the lowest
  • group initiative, where each side rolls 1d10 and lowest goes first
  • no non-weapon proficiencies
  • damage types mostly ignored
  • all "checks" are roll d20, success if below relevant stat
In general, more rules are thrown out or ignored than added.

My goal with this blog is to tell the stories of Plane-atary Express, discuss adventure design from an episodic perspective, and RPGs in general.