Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Gods and 5th edition

So in addition to Planescape and Plane-atary Express, I've been slowly working on a Warhammer Fantasy inspired game. I've also recently bought the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons handbook. In my boredom, I've decided to start making some 5th edition conversions of the Warhammer Fantasy world.

I started out with the Old World Pantheon along with a few non-human gods because it seemed easy enough. I am not providing a comprehensive list of gods, such as those of Kislev or the Slaan, but it is a decent start for a 5e game set in the WFRP world. I'm not including the holy symbols in my brief write up because that seemed unnecessary and is easy to look up (Sigmar is a twin-tailed comet, etc.). I've also been incredible lazy with the elven gods because I'm not as familiar with them as I could be.

I've avoided the Chaos gods/Ruinous Powers for now as I want to also mock up some insanity/corruption rules for that.

Human Deities

Name Alignment Domain
Sigmar, founder and patron of the Empire LN War, Light
Ulric, god of wolves, winter, and battle LN War
Morr, god of death, dreams, and prophecies N Death
Shallya, goddess of healing and mercy NG Life
Ranald, god of thieves and tricksters CN Trickery
Verena, goddess of knowledge, science, law, and justice LN Knowledge
Taal, goddess of nature and wild places N Nature
Rhya, goddess of life and fertility NG Life, Nature
Manann, god of the seas CN Tempest

Dwarf Gods

Name Alignment Domain
Gungni, god of mining, smithing, and forging LN Knowledge
Valaya, the protector goddess LN Life
Grimir, god of warriors and slayers LN War

Greenskin Gods

Name Alignment Domain
Gork and Mork, twin gods of cunning and brutality CN War, Trickery

Elven Cadai

Name Alignment Domain
Asuryan, the phoenix god and king of the gods LG Light
Isha, motherly goddess of the harvest NG Life
Kurnos, god of the hunt CG Nature
Vaul, god of smithing N Knowledge
Morai-Heg, goddess of souls N Death
Lileath, goddess of the moon, dreams, and fortune N Knowledge
Hoeth, god of wisdom and knowledge LN Knowledge
Khaine, god of war (and murder) N War

Stay tuned for more Warhammer Fantasy -- 5e cross-overs!