Monday, October 27, 2014

Alchemical (gastric) brooding frog

The alchemical (gastric) brooding frog is a combination of natural and magical breeding that has resulted in an incredible useful, albeit disgusting, small creature. This multi-colored frog broods its tadpoles in its mouth. Each tadpole, when ingested, produce a minor magical effect. When the frog is squeezed, it shoots out a random tadpole with one of the following colors and magical effects. These frogs can be found for purchase in Sigil.

1d8 Tadpole
1 red: +1 to all damage for one minute.
2 blue: +1 to all saving throws for one minute.
3 green: heal 1d4+1 HP.
4 pink: character can jump extra high once given a successful Strength check, jumping up to twice their movement.
5 yellow: character's palms become extremely sticky allowing them to stick to sheer surfaces without moving for up to once minute.
6 purple: for one minute, if this character is struck with a melee attack, the attacked must make a save versus poison or be blinded for one round.
7 white: breath underwater for one minute.
8 orange: character produces a massive belch and all hostile creatures within 10 feet must make a saveversus breath weapon or be sickened for one round (-2 all rolls).