Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My reject LotFP item

Donvel leipertand

This item is a tooth. It is a dull grey human- or bear-like molar covered in fine black indecipherable scroll work. When the scroll work is observed by a hallucinating person it appears to be a mass of ever moving and dilating squiggles that appear to crawl from the tooth onto anything touching it.

To attempt to harness the power of the tooth it must be inserted into the bloody socket of a freshly extracted molar (upper or lower). When first inserted, the user must make a save versus poison (at -2) or suddenly start rotting dramatically as their gums start melting, their facial skin starts drooping slightly, and their tongue begins to putrefy. Once inserted, the tooth cannot be removed until the bearer dies.

Every week with the tooth in place, the bearer must make a save versus poison. On failure, the bearer takes 2d4+1 damage and continue to rots and decays as above with the corrupting influence growing outward from the tooth. On success, half damage and the corruption is less obvious/extensive.

If the bearer has failed 5 saves and is not yet dead, they melt and transforms into a boneless blob of flesh. They loose all class levels, XP, and abilities. The blob is a large lumpy mass the color of the bearers flesh. They loose all features except for a large weeping eye. The blob is able to move around by is all but unable to interact with its environment. The life of the blob is one of pure misery.

If the bearer has succeeded at 5 saves and is not yet dead, they transform into a demon from the outer realms. Their eyes are replaced by obsidian spheres, their hands turn to claws (1d8 natural attack, counts as magic), their skin thickens and hardens (+2 AC), and they grow large horns from their head. Their skin is now a shell surrounding pure void space. They no longer take wounds in the same way, and instead all damage manifests as cracks in their surface.

When the tooth is inserted, the bearer gains a couple powers. First, they can speak in the form of pure darkness which scars and destroys humanoid flesh. All humanoids that can hear the bearer's voice must make a save versus breath weapon. On a failed save, listeners must take 2d4+2 damage as their skin is almost evaporates from their body. On a successful save listeners take half damage.

Second, the bearer can corrupt humanoid flesh via touch. Once per week, when the bearer touches a humanoid the target must make save versus spell or suffer a permanent mutation. Use the following table to randomly generate the mutation or as inspiration.
1d8 Mutation
1 Eyes melt and are replaced with compound insect eyes.
2 Skin begins to sag, turns putrid green, and emits a horrible smell.
3 Left or right hand transforms into a crab claw.
4 Leg becomes tentacle. Can still support weight.
5 Large but weak month's wings grow out of their back.
6 Target losses all their hair. Their head grows a smattering of black scales.
7 Teeth fall out and entire mouth replaced by a flat beak.
8 Hands turn black, develop thick leathery skin with webbed fingers.