Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Musings on future campaign ideas

As probably many of you do, I love to contemplate potential future campaign/one-shot set ups. Currently, I'm mulling about four different ideas. Two of which I've already made enough notes to run the first few sessions of. Here are the four different ones with their short elevator pitches.

Blacksand!: My tribute to 80's British RPGs. Drawing on having Advanced Fighting Fantasy being my first experience with RPGs, the game is set in Blacksand, the Pirate City. However, instead of Blacksand being in the AFF world, it is actually in the Wasteland/Boarder Princes/Old World from the Warhammer Fantasy IP. Uses Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition rules set.

Map of Port Blacksand. I've a large, laminated copy.

Purple Mists on the Sword Coast: Another concept/tribute campaign, this time to weird fantasy. This is a hybrid game between "standard D&D" and Narcosa. Set in the Forgotten Realms (Baldur's Gate specifically) using the 5th edition D&D rules. The Forgotten Realms and Narcosa planes are merging and the region is changing dramatically as Narcosan incursions start disrupting everything.

Blood on the Sand under a Dark Sun: Working title. Greek myth infused Dark Sun. Set in the city of Balic and using the Barbarians of Lemuria/Heroes of Hellas rules system. Slave armies, ship-to-ship battles on the silt sea (with maybe a Giant showing up), surviving the desert journeys. Really trying to capture that grim action adventure tone of Dark Sun.

Untitled Project #8: Love letter to the mega-dungeon. PCs were captured by an ancient monstrous dragon trying to steal from its treasure. Instead of eating them immediately, the dragon has stuck them deep within its labyrinth/cave network of secrets, traps, and danger. The players can go free if they can survive long enough to find their way out. No finished thoughts on system yet, but the imagery will draw heavily of Piranesi's Carceri series.

7th of 16 plates

What campaigns have you been planning?